Creation Kit - Werewolf Hunter

Werewolf Hunter

Enter Hircine's Hunting Grounds and participate in the Great Hunt in 2 modes - hunt the beast, or hunt as the beast. Each mode procedurally spawns the prey and traps in different locations in the Hunting Grounds, allowing for a different and randomized hunt each time. The quest is also repeatable so players can re-acquire the rewarded boon as much as desired.

Hircine will reward those successful in bringing down their prey with an 8 hour boon that tracks nearby enemies and increases damage with bows. As soon as the boon wears off, the quest will restart so players can go on another hunt. To manually remove Hircine's Boon and restart the quest immediately, players can use a shrine to any of the Divines.

The quest is started after entering Moonbane's Thicket which is located exactly South from Falkreath. Entering from the main menu is also possible by using COC moonbanethicketentercoc in the console.

  • Procedurally placed enemies and traps make the hunt different in each quest
  • Repeatable quest that is balanced for any player regardless of level
  • Detect Life effect that refreshes throughout the duration of Hircine's Boon