Gleeps and Alligoomers

Gleeps and Alligoomers

This is a redesign of a city-building game tutorial I followed to refresh myself on C++ syntax and features. That tutorial is located here and the built version of that is included in the game files (

After finishing the tutorial I redesigned the game to focus on expanding territories and holding off enemy waves. Each Gleep (yellow tile) placed increases resources gained per day by 1. Walls block Alligoomers (red tiles) from invading Gleep tiles. Alligoomer invasion waves start 30 days after the last wave ends, and last until all tiles on the map are filled with a Gleep, Wall, or Alligoomer. The player can win by completely filling the map with only Gleep and Wall tiles.

Included below is my redesigned game as well as the code written by me.

  • Redesigned game with win/lose conditions and added replayability
  • Added enemy waves feature that is blocked by constructed walls
  • Randomly generated tiles on 3 different map types
Game Files Sample Code

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